Clinical validation.

The ability to transfer the technology to a clinical or research setting has often been the stumbling block for health start-ups. An up to date knowledge of the latest clinical guidelines and actual practise means your project will have an authority which sets it apart from others when it comes to pitching your project against other health tech competitors.

Clinical validation means that you can sell your product to doctors and health care managers with the answers to any questions they may have. It has long been known that doctors prefer to listen to doctors. Give your sales team the language they need to be efficient promotors of your product.

International expansion – English is your tool not your limitation.

Many non-native speakers lack confidence when it comes to making a pitch in English yet it is the language of medicine. An accurate written and spoken presentation makes you stand out head and shoulders above the rest of your country’s start-ups. We critically review your project to make sure it is of native speaker standard and therefore to the highest professional level.

Expanding to the NHS or other international settings needs local knowledge and contacts if you want to be successful. We can advise on and help with international expansion whether now or in the future. Make sure that your product is designed correctly from the start to comply with local medical regulations and appeal to an international audience.

Big data and innovation.

Any AI project in health now has the potential to harvest big data. Knowing what and how to use that big data needs industry specific knowledge. Research and pharmacological applications are ever changing and having current clinical knowledge is a must in order to be first in line for new opportunities. Make sure your product is exploited in every possible way to get maximum yield. You will be pleasantly surprised by the applications and uses which you have not yet discovered but which an experienced clinician can identify.

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