How I work with you. FAQ.

  1. Do you work with all sorts of digital health projects?
    • Yes, my extensive clinical experience in primary, secondary and tertiary health settings means I can (and have) taken on a wide variety of projects. This has led to me identifying new uses for health tech which was not obvious to non-clinicians. I also tweak existing uses to make sure that they work now and in the future.
    • The technology can be in any format which will be used by clinicians or patients.
  2. How much involvement do you have?
    • As little or as much as you want. It can be a single one-off session in which we go through all the different aspects of your product and you come out with an action plan and specific improvements you can work on for now and for a future market product development.
    • You can also look at an ongoing contribution which is tailored to the stage you are at and your business plan. I can help you with looking at how your product works in the NHS, provide ongoing clinical revisions, coordinate directly with your technical team so preempting problems further down the line. I can also dial in to relevant team meetings. This level of involvement would also mena that you would be kept up to date with clinical updates relevant to your product.
    • If you are looking for guidance as an investor, I can discuss whether you are looking to choose between several similar or different projects and why each one will work, fail or what changes will lead them to become industry-level game changers. Similarly, if you are concerned about any of your current digital health investments, I can review them and give you an honest opinion as to where they are and what help or modifications they may need. My international experience in varied clinical and digital health settings means that I have a vision that few people can aspire to.
  3. Who do you actually work with in our team?
    • When it comes to teams assessing several projects and choosing which one to take to the stage, I collaborate with all the senior stake holders. Decisions can not be taken in silos and ensuring teams work efficiently for the best posible outcome. Whether leading a time sensitive trauma team in a major trauma centre emergency department, o setting up ground-breaking and long-lasting projects, bringing the best out of everyone is the only way forward.
    • When taking on a specific digital health project, I work closely with the CEO, COO and medical team, but also the technical team. I believe that everyone should be speaking the same digital and health language. As a multilingual and multicultural doctor interested in the programming aspect, I bring that connecting factor to your team. Too often there can be a divide between the medical and technical team. Sometimes I am alone in representing the clinical point of view (and this is why some of my clients have specifically sought me out).
  4. Do I have to come to Barcelona or write and speak in English?
    • ¡Para nada! The website is English purely for convenience although I can help you with industry, investor or clinical presentations in English. After an undergraduate degree in modern languages at the University of Cambridge, I studied medicine in Malaga (among other places) and completed my 4 years of Family Medicine residency in Barcelona in Spanish and Catalan. I am also a native French speaker from birth and have lived and worked in Germany.
    • Although Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit and work in, I have found that it is actually more effective and productive for both you and me to telework. This leads to a greater availability as to when we can meet-up (virtually) with the relevant team members.