Case Studies

Dr Alice Byram

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Digital health solutions are to be found everywhere in the lives of patient and clinicians.

Case A – EHR.

“Not another EHR” can the reaction when you suggest bringing your electronic health care record to market. Knowing what works and doesn’t work means you can tailor your product to the reality of your clinician customers. But it doesn’t need to be better than the current EHR, it also has to offer a clinically and evidence based advantage which improves patient care. Decreasing physician frustration is a secondary end point when they see that you offer them a product which means that they can get back to old school medicine of actually looking at their patients and not a screen. Speak to doctors and they will be able to tell you what their biggest frustrations with EHR are, or sometimes not if the system limitations have been internalised. You need to find and follow through on the clinically valid function which your competitors don’t have. Then the format has to be one which is accepted. Contact me for details about this case history.

Case B – Silver economy app.

Gone are the days when it was only bright young things who use mobile phones. Age is certainly no barrier to using apps on a daily basis, and if older people are struggling there is plenty of help around in the form of family members and carers. This brings up a whole new discussion about who can see what about a person’s details. Not every older person wants their family to follow their every movement or dietary transgression. Plus the app has to be actually useful for the person once they leave the consulting room otherwise they won’t use it. Contact me for more inspiration about digital health options for your product in the silver economy. Based on real long lasting changes I have created in both primary and secondary care settings, I can ensure that you tap into the real silver economy opportunities.

Case C – Point of care testing.

Great advances in technology can truly transform patient care. However, knowing which trials to include your product in and who to pitch it to needs an intimate knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem. Sometimes all that is needed is a clinician to point out how to make your cutting edge technology truly relevant both in a research setting and “on the shop floor”.

Case D – Telemedicine.

Although everyones is talking about telemedicine and recent viral events will surely make it an increasingly attractive option, the reality is that the uptake has been less than we would have liked. Identifying the barriers both from the physicians and the patients’ side needs on the ground knowledge of what their reality is. Too often a preconceived version of what is needed leads to digital health options which are created to answer a non-existent question. Identify real needs and offer real solutions by offering telemedicine to the section of society who will embrace it. Chronic patients who may or may not be housebound are not the trendy images used to sell telemedicine but are early and enthusiastic users of relevant technology. Use patient advocate groups and get organic growth because you know and respond to a real telemedicine need.

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