Bridging the gap between clinicians and developers

in digital health.

AB Health Solutions is a unique consulting service providing international medical expertise to ensure that innovation in health technology translates into long-lasting solutions in a clinical context.

From conception to birth and through to the adult years, innovation using digital technology in health needs to be relevant now and in the future.

Design your project with the bigger vision of research, pharmaceutical and clinical applications right from the start. Coordinating clinicians, project designers and programmers leads to a faster and more successful entry to the market. Thinking like a doctor and listening to the patients is the common element to all health technologies which succeed.

Clinical validation & implementation

Doctors and managers need to see that your project offers real solutions.

We ensure that your project is clinically validated and aligned with current medical practise.

Integrating health technology into the daily routine of patients is an art in itself. Benefit from years of experience engaging patients with specific health solutions. Yours!

Make your project speak the language of its intended audience and offer a truly life-changing health technology solution.

International expansion

Medicine has always been a global market and now, more than ever, a strong international presence is fundamental to any health business.

Guidelines, resources, demographics and many other factors change according to the country in which you practise.

You need a multilingual approach which overcomes all barriers.

We make sure that you are correctly positioned according to the market you wish to invest in, whether now or in the future.

Big data & innovation

Do you know what you are going to do with the data you harvest?

We can advise you how to be compliant with current data protection regulations and how to use the data in ways you may not have thought of.

Using your data in research is beneficial to everyone involved.


AB Health Solutions is the brainchild of Dr Alice Byram, an international MD with over 20 years of clinical experience.

A proven track record in clinical and digital innovation, her success is based on identifying game-changing projects which will translate to long-lasting health solutions. Working with all team members, whether technicians, designers, management, clinicians and patients, the project comes together efficiently and with excellence.

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